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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

5 ways Utah is broadening its ‘energies’

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Washakie Renewable Energy - KSL

As a state, Utah is certainly getting a bit more “energetic” — at least where renewable energy is concerned. That’s because, in recent years, the Beehive State has made some serious strides in identifying, developing and utilizing methods of renewable energy throughout the state.

This comes at a time when the concept of renewable energy may still not be wholly understood by the general population. For example, it’s a common misconception that all forms of alternative energy are renewable. However, many alternative forms of energy still come from finite quantities of natural resources and require high amounts of energy and labor to mine, drill or process. Renewable energy, on the other hand, are those resources that aren’t depleted by use. And Utah is becoming much more open to these energy opportunities.

Solar energy

With the plentiful sunlight that graces the state, Utah has built world-class solar energy resources. To date, solar energy use has primarily been adopted through 1kW-1.5MW installations to homes and businesses, which help offset traditional energy costs. That said, the Utah Office of Energy Development predicts that 2014 will see the construction of the state’s first utility-scale solar projects. This is significant, since to date only two of these projects exist in the United States.

Wind energy

You might curse the Utah wind, but in certain areas of the state, it’s being put to good use. These include two successful state projects: Spanish Fork’s 19 MW project and Milford’s 306 MW project. Other wind resources exist in Millard, Beaver, and the Iron, San Juan, and Box Elder counties. (...)

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