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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

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Dr. Laura Nelson

Governor's Energy Adviser
(801) 538-8732
Email Dr. Laura Nelson

P.O. Box 144845
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Phone: 801-538-8732
Fax: 855-271-4373

Executive Staff

Dr. Laura Nelson

Executive Director
(801) 538-8732
Email Dr. Laura

Jeffrey Barrett

Deputy Director
(801) 739-5191
Email Jeffrey

Trena Sligting

Executive Assistant
(801) 538-8732
Email Trena

Communications & Public Affairs

Meghan Stettler

Director of Public Affairs & Communications
Email Meghan

Policy & Law

Dr. Peter Ashcroft

Senior Policy Analyst
(801) 538-8663
Email Dr. Peter

Robert Simmons

Energy Policy & Law Manager
(801) 538-8658
Email Robert


Michele Pasker

Finance Manager
(801) 538-8727
Email Michele

Energy Managers

Jordan Clark

Energy Development Manger
(801) 538-8653
Email Jordan

Shawna Cuan

Energy Efficiency Manager
Email Shawna

Alair Emory

Advanced Energy Systems Manager
(801) 538-8722
Email Alair

Daniel T. Royal

Energy& Infrastructure Incentive Manager
Email Daniel T.

Program Coordinators

Cameron Archibald

Rural Program Coordinator
Email Cameron

Alan Blanch

Minerals & Program Coordinator
(801) 538-8683
Email Alan

Richard Bell

Energy Incentive & Transportation Coordinator
(801) 538-8662
Email Richard

Kevin Brooks

Energy Incentive & Program Coordinator
Email Kevin


Jessica O'Neill

Energy Fellow
Email Jessica

Anthony Oyler

Energy Fellow
Email Anthony