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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Dangling Rope Marina. Credit: Michael Vanden Berg, Utah Geological Survey

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Cody Stewart

Governor's Energy Advisor
Email Cody

P.O. Box 144845
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Phone: 801-538-8732
Fax: 855-271-4373

Executive Director & Deputy Director

Dr. Laura Nelson

Executive Director
(801) 538-8732
Email Dr. Laura Nelson

Jeffrey Barrett

Deputy Director
Policy, Communications, Renewables, Infrastructure, Incentives
(801) 739-5191
Email Jeffrey

Resource Managers

Alair Emory

Manager, Advanced Energy Systems
Nuclear, Oil Shale, Oil Sands
(801) 538-8722
Email Alair

Stuart Clason

Manager of Conventional Energy Development
Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Recruitment
(801) 538-8653
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Jennifer Gardner

Programs & Planning Manager
DOE SEP Program Management, Energy Efficiency, Alternative Transportation
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Rob Simmons

Energy Policy & Law Manager
Energy, Lands and Species Policy and Legal Issues
(801) 538-8658
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Program Coordinators

Peter Ashcroft

Resource & Policy Analyst
Economic Analysis, Program Administration
(801) 538-8663
Email Peter

Richard Bell

Technical & Administrative Energy Coordinator
(801) 538-8732
Email Richard

Brooke Kimball

Energy Efficiency & Environmental Program Coordinator
DOE SEP Program Administration, Environmental Program Support
(801) 538-8729
Email Brooke

Bartly Mathews

Energy Efficiency Program Coordinator
Rural Outreach, Agricultural Energy Efficiency, Water-Energy Nexus
(801) 538-8718
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Michele Pasker

Finance Manager
Finance, Accounting, Grant Administration
(801) 538-8727
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Blake Thomas

Renewable Energy Development Coordinator
Renewable Energy, Commercial PACE, U-Save Revolving Loan Fund
(801) 538-8725
Email Blake