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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Alternative Energy Development Incentive (AEDI)

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What is AEDI?

The Alternative Energy Development Incentive (AEDI) is a fixed post-performance credit of 75 percent of all newly generated state revenues for 20 years. Eligible projects include the construction of electricity generation facilities of 2 megawatts or greater that utilize:

  • hydroelectric
  • solar
  • biomass
  • geothermal
  • wind
  • and waste-heat

It also includes energy derived from the following non-renewable energy sources:

  • nuclear fuel
  • oil-impregnated diatomaceous earth
  • oil sands
  • oil shale
  • or petroleum coke

AEDI Application

To qualify for AEDI, the project must generate new state revenue and new incremental jobs, and it must involve significant capital investment, or the creation of high paying jobs.  To be considered, please submit the AEDI application to Alicia Ryans:

Application Fee

  • $150 to be paid by check to the Governor’s Office of Energy Development once the main application is submitted.

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