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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Basin railroad plans marching along

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Kevin Ashby – Vernal Express

“If we are going to fund schools fully in Utah then the money will come from energy development,” said Senator Van Tassell to chamber representatives from across the state.

Van Tassell explained to the group that there were 26 different routes that were considered in the effort to identify railroad routes that could be used to transport energy products from the Basin.

These routes included tracks going north to Wyoming, east to Colorado and routes staying in Utah to connect with existing railroads.

“And there are a grundle of canyons that have to be considered when you talk about building a railroad in the Uintah Basin,” said Van Tassell.

Van Tassell stated that a recently completed study funded by the state of Utah lead them to the conclusion that there was nowhere in the Uintah Basin where you can build a railroad without also building a tunnel.

Rail transportation has some limits with steep grades that cannot exceed a 2.5 percent without the help of other engines and other amenities. Therefore, two possible routes were identified as the best possibilities for bring rail into the Basin. (…)

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