C-PACE and Municipalities

We are currently revising our C-PACE program due to recent legislative changes.  We will post updated content shortly.  The new SB 273 C-PACE legislation can be viewed on the Utah Legislature’s website.


Overview of C-PACE for Municipalities

Municipalities can learn more about C-PACE program by:

Municipalities that Opt-In to Utah’s Statewide C-PACE Program

C-PACE legislation enables all municipalities in Utah to complete C-PACE projects. But to ensure all C-PACE projects are completed in a consistent and standardized way, OED administers a statewide C-PACE program. Municipalities can join the statewide program by signing the one-time Municipal Agreement Form to cover all current and future projects. Salt Lake City has opted-in to the statewide C-PACE program and OED is meeting with other municipalities to encourage them to opt-in.  If you are a municipality that would like more information about our program, please contact utahcpace@utah.gov. Municipalities receive the following benefits when they opt-in.

BENEFIT 1: Technical Assistance for Vetting Proposed Projects

OED requests a pre-application and application from the building owner to determine whether their proposed project is eligible under the C-PACE statute and is financially and technically viable. OED serves as an objective reviewer to ensure that only eligible and viable projects are put before municipalities. For more information about the C-PACE process for building owners, visit our building owner webpage.

BENEFIT 2: Authorized Service Provider List

Per the C-PACE statute, municipalities must maintain an authorized service provider list. By opting-in to the statewide C-PACE program, they can use OED’s list of authorized service providers. The list is updated as applications are received. For more contractor-related resources, please visit our contractor webpage.

BENEFIT 3: Standardized Program Forms to Issue Bonds

To further reduce the administrative burden on municipalities processing C-PACE projects, municipalities that opt-in get access to the following standardized templates to process a C-PACE project. Please note, the documents below are only templates and municipalities are able to refine these templates as needed.1

1 These templates were developed by Ballard Spahr for Utah Clean Energy through the SunShot Initiative.
These forms have been created based on specific facts and circumstances which may not match the facts and circumstances for other C-PACE financing. As such the attached forms should only be used after consulting appropriate legal counsel. The attached forms do not constitute legal advice.

BENEFIT 4: Verify Project Installation

As a final benefit, OED will visit the project site and verify the proposed project was completed as expected.

Municipality Responsibilities

The signing municipality agrees to fulfill its responsibilities under the C-PACE statute: adopt a designation ordinance or resolution to designate a voluntary assessment area, levy the assessment, issue a municipal bond, collect installation payments, and release and discharge assessments.

Other Stakeholder Resources

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