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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Clean energy advocates showcase benefits of electric vehicles

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Amy Joi O’Donoghue – The Deseret News

Advocacy organizations are calling on the public and their elected representatives to embrace the smog-busting attributes of alternative vehicles — especially electric cars — by showcasing them Wednesday at an event outside Utah’s Capitol.

Groups such as Utah Clean Energy want a five-year extension of the $1,500 annual tax credit on the purchase of electric vehicles and the implementation of a new financing formula to encourage the transition to clean vehicles for large fleets in business and government agencies.

A lunchtime event paraded out several electric vehicle models for lawmakers to try amid urging by speakers that Utah continue on its path of reforms to make alternative vehicles attractive to the buying public.

“Electric vehicles represent a tremendous opportunity to improve air quality in Utah,” said Kevin Emerson, senior policy and regulatory associate with Utah Clean Energy. “These two policy changes will continue the state’s effort to get more clean vehicles on the road.”

The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project said if Utah implements the two recommended policies, it will lead a six-state region for its practices that promote clean transportation. (…)

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