Electric car owners track down scarce charging stations

LEIA LARSEN | Standard Examiner

Ogden – Electric vehicle ownership in northern Utah comes loaded with obstacles, but Rod Holtry is navigating them with a little help.

The biggest hurdle is finding enough electrons to get around. Holtry’s own Nissan Leaf has an 85-mile range, which works fine running short errands. Longer distances, however, become complicated. That’s why when businesses add charging stations for the public to use he does what he can to support them.

Case in point, when Weber State Credit Union installed a new charger at its main branch on Harrison Boulevard last month, Holtry made sure both his checking and business accounts were there.

“I had my business account at one bank, and my personal one at another and I was thinking of moving them to the same bank anyway, then I saw Weber State Credit Union had a charger,” Holtry said. It’s a seemingly arbitrary reason, he said, “but I figured I’d support them for putting a charger there.” (…)

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