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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Energy Summit Considers All-of-the Above Options

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Judy Fahys – KUER

Utah’s energy community met Wednesday at Gov. Gary Herbert’s 3rd annual Energy Development Summit to talk about the state’s all-of-the-above approach to powering everyday life.

The Republican governor reminded his audience that energy is one of his administration’s top four priorities. He said energy pumps around $5 billion into Utah’s economy each year.

But Herbert said good jobs and a high standard of living have to be balanced with conserving the environment.

“The energy challenges we face here in this country are real — they are not imaginary,” he said in a lunch-hour speech. “But I believe those challenges can be met, that the unique challenge we face can be overcome because of our ability as a people to adapt and innovate.”

Environmental policy expert Ted Nordhaus said energy development and environmental protection go hand in hand with economic growth. Founder of the Breakthrough Institute, he said environmental regulations aren’t killing coal — cheap natural gas is.

Nordhaus also highlighted nuclear energy as a key resource for the future, especially in face of global warming. (…)

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