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EPA proposes stricter ozone standards; concerns expressed for rural Utah

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Amy Joi O’Donoghue – Deseret News

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency moved Wednesday to reduce ground level ozone with its announcement of a proposed rule that would signficantly lower the standard and result in increased industry controls.

The proposal, anticipated for two years, was immediately hailed by environmentalists and criticized by the oil and gas industry and conservatives.

“By EPA’s own conservative estimates, the ozone proposal would be the single costliest regulation in U.S. history,” said Institute for Energy Research Senior Vice President Dan Kish. “Meanwhile, our air is cleaner than it’s been in decades. Instead of celebrating that progress, EPA insists on trying to squeeze water out of a rock.”

In Wednesday’s announcement, the EPA administrator said the agency is proposing to strengthen the standard from 75 parts per billion and take it to a range of 65-70 parts per billion. The agency will take comments on a standard as low as 60 parts per billion, although McCarthy said the science is less clear about benefits to public and environmental health. (…)

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