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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Regulation & Resource Planning

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Utah’s households and businesses are fortunate to benefit from some of the lowest energy costs in the nation, and that is not by accident. Clearly the State’s energy costs benefit from the fact that the primary energy resources for powering our houses and businesses (natural gas and coal) are readily available in Utah; but that’s not the whole picture. On the contrary, the state’s approach to regulating its gas and electric utilities plays a very important role in maintaining those low rates, which are a foundation of Utah’s economic prosperity.

This regulatory role falls under the purview of the Public Service Commission, along with the Division of Public Utilities and the Office of Consumer Services, who serve in an advisory capacity. These state agencies not only regulate the ratemaking process and approve various capital expenditures, etc., but they also work closely with the utilities on the long-term resource planning process that will shape the state’s energy portfolio for the future.

OED’s Role

The Office of Energy Development is engaged regularly with the state’s utilities and utility regulators as we strive to strike a resource and policy balance for Utah that both protects ratepayers and promotes distributed and utility scale energy development, as appropriate.