New director promises big growth of Utah’s school trust lands

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EMMA PENROD | The Salt Lake Tribune

Former state legislator David Ure is turning his attention from dairy cows to milking another billion dollars from state trust lands.

Gov. Gary Herbert announced Wednesday that the State Institutional Trust Land Agency’s board of trustees has appointed Ure, a Kamas rancher and Summit County Council member, to replace outgoing director Kevin Carter when he retires in December.

Ure said filling Carter’s shoes will be a tall order, but has already set lofty goals for the agency and has begun to hash out a strategy to achieve them.

He promised he would apply his farmer’s work ethic to grow the agency’s permanent school fund by another billion dollars, to see a total value of $3 billion under his tenure.

“I will work hard, and I will work long,” he said, inviting anyone with input to call him as early as 4 a.m.

“I’m usually up,” he said. (…)

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