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New tests show no good reason to let cars ‘warm up’ on cold days

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Ogden, Utah — Utah’s department of Environmental Quality has asked Utahns to stop idling and clean up our winter air for years — now they have science on their side.

Research funded by DEQ at Utah State and Weber State Universities show’s there’s no excuse for idling.

“We found there is no need to warm up your car,” says Joe Thomas who manages a research program for DEQ’s Division of Air Quality. “You can get up in the morning, start the car and just drive. The best thing you can do for emissions is to not idle your car.”

Many people warm up their car on cold mornings believing it will extend the life of the vehicle by slowly getting the engine going. Students and researchers at Weber State’s National Center for Automotive Science & Technology, or NCAST, say that is not the case. Their findings show the daily warm up costs you gas, money and makes our air so dirty it can cause heart attacks. (…)

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