2014 Energy Development Summit PowerPoint Presentations


Nuclear Energy’s Role in Addressing the Challenges of the 21st Century

Arizona Governor’s Office of Energy Policy

Endangered Species: The Need for a Collaborative Regional Approach


Optimizing Energy Productivity in Developing Oil Shale and Sand Resources

Where is the Turning Point for Oil Shale?

Integrated Nuclear/Renewable Energy System for Oil Shale Production

Energy Research Triangle: Connecting Utah’s Energy R&D Assets with Utah’s Energy Challenges



Developments in Utility Solar Business Models

Dixie Power & City of St. George SunSmart Project

What’s Next for Generation and Transmission in the West
Large-Scale Solar’s Arrival to Southern Utah

Why Buildling a Solar Project on Federal Lands in a Federal Solar Energy Zone is Crazytown

Utah’s Future in Energy Storage

Energy Storage- Are We There Yet?