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More plans for mining on Tavaputs

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C.J. McManus – Sun Advocate

An undisclosed mining company with interests in Utah held a meeting with several members of the East Carbon City Council, Carbon County Commission and Utah Department of Air and Water Quality on June 18 to discuss the permitting and construction of an underground mining facility near the Tavaputs Plateau.

According to East Carbon City Council member David Avery, the company plans to construct an operation resembling a hard rock mine. The portal would be built about one mile from the communication towers located near the top of Bruin Point.

Avery also reported that a refuse storage and processing plant will be built one-half mile from the same point.

“New jobs are vital for our area, but we need to make sure that the air and water quality of that area is protected at all cost,” said Council member Barbara Robinett. “Those of us who live here don’t want to see any degradation up there.”

In addition to Avery and Robinett, East Carbon was represented at the Bruin Point meeting by council members Froy Garcia and Phillip Holt. The Carbon County Commission sent Casey Hopes and John Jones to view the potential project.

“This project had just begun,” said Avery. (…)

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