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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Poll: Utah residents are willing to invest in clean air

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Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News

Salt Lake City — A new poll shows Utah residents overwhelmingly want less polluting, more energy efficient homes, cars that have a better smog rating and to use transit more and drive less if that’s what it takes to effectively address the air pollution problem.

The trick, most agree, will be if residents can transcend from a place of “wanting,” to doing — a transformation that results show is accomplished via a combination of methods that include new building codes for homes, having access to the cleanest cars manufactured and walkable communities.

“Utahns get the problem,” said Robert Grow, president of Envision Utah. “They understand and they are willing to to make significant changes and we are in a place where those significant changes are ahead of us if we continue to build momentum.”

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