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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Provo Municipal Council to consider renewable energy program for city

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Genelle Pugmire – Daily Herald

The Utah Municipal Power Agency is making available to its partner cities the opportunity to opt in on a renewable energy program, RenewChoice.

The Provo Municipal Council will decide at its March 3 meeting whether to have the city opt in on the program.

Cities eligible for RenewChoice include Provo, Levan, Manti, Nephi, Salem and Spanish Fork.

If the council decides to take the opt in, that will allow residents to also opt in on using renewable energy in their homes and businesses. Initially, that renewable energy will be from wind sources.

The additional cost for renewable energy at this juncture will be $2 per 100 kwh blocks, according to Travis Bell, energy director for the city.

According to UMPA brochures, “your electric utility purchases renewable energy on the customer’s behalf, equal to their RenewChoice purchase. This renewable energy is then added to the energy grid in place of energy that would have come from non-renewable sources such as coal-fired energy. You can subscribe to as many blocks equal to your consumption as you wish.” (…)

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