Rocky Mountain Power to build first solar farm in Utah

Rocky Mountain Power is preparing to build its first Utah solar farm.

The company announced Wednesday that it plans to build the farm at a still-undetermined location that will provide enough electricity for 500 homes through the use of 9,000 panels. It will be partially funded by the company’s Blue Sky program.

“This is the first utility-sized solar project to be funded in part by Blue Sky customers and we plan to do more,” said Rocky Mountain Power President Richard Walje. “We are committed to providing a bright energy future to customers by bringing them even more renewable energy choices.”

The idea of solar farms in Utah seems to be gaining traction.

Last September, Provo-based Energy Capital Group announced it was developing a 300 megawatt solar plant adjacent to the Intermountain Power Plant near Delta. The company announced that this will be one of the largest solar project built, costing an estimated $600 million. The company is leasing 1,754 acres from the Utah School and Institutional Trust Land Administration. It said this location is ideal because of a transmission line going directly to California.

That plant is expected to power an estimated 80,000 homes.

The Rocky Mountain solar project’s location will be determined later this year after studies are completed. The company considered locations in the Salt Lake City area but is now looking at other company-owned sites that will make the project less expensive to build and can produce an estimated 15 to 20 percent more energy. (…)

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