Rocky Mountain Power to Build 20 Megawatt Solar Farm in Utah

Rocky Mountain Power will soon be offering its customers the chance to use solar energy, even if they don’t plan to install panels on the roof. The utility company announced Monday that it’s contracted with a company called juwi to build a solar farm.

The 20 megawatt solar farm will be located in Holden, Utah, in Millard County. Rocky Mountain Power spokesperson Paul Murphy says customers will be able to subscribe to some or all of their electricity from solar power, without having to install panels themselves.

“Some people don’t want to have rooftop solar, but they do want renewable energy and this gives them that option,” Murphy says.

Subscriptions will be available for private homes, businesses, and municipalities. Residential customers will receive a “locked-in” rate of 7.7 cents per kilowatt hour, plus about 4 cents for transmission and distribution, totaling 11.7 cents.

“We plan to have a rate calculator so people can see how much it would cost them for typical use,” Murphy says. “For customers who use a lot of electricity in the summer, this could actually save them a lot of money.”

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