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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Students hope to invent windows of the future

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John Hollenhorst | KSL

SALT LAKE CITY — Instead of using window blinds, what if you could adjust the windows themselves to make them darker or lighter as needed?

That’s the idea behind a project at the University of Utah that involves a student who has a compelling personal angle: Jeffrey Copeland is a 38-year-old homebuilder who decided to take a break from his business to go to college.

Copeland said he believes standard homebuilding materials are way out of date, and he’d like to help invent better ways to do things.

“I was disappointed in how few people were making changes, even though there are new materials out there,” said Copeland, a materials science and engineering student at the University of Utah.

The project actually started with skiing, and an aggravating problem faced by every skier: Light conditions are constantly changing, so the goggles skiers wear are often too light or too dark. (…)

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