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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

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Rocky Mountain Power says Utah has overabundance of alternate energy

No more leftovers: Utah researchers looking to turn turkey guts into fuel

Utah ranks No. 1 in clean energy job creation

Federal grant awarded to Salt Lake City company to capture sun’s energy

Utah Red Hills Renewable Park, Utah, United States of America

Is Utah’s window for solar closing?

California sun, Wyoming wind may help power Utah

Fight over value — and cost — of solar ignites again in Utah

Utah’s fierce-if-wonky debate over rooftop solar resumed this week before the Public Service Commission, which heard three days of expert testimony and public comment on costs and benefits associated with Rocky Mountain Power’s net-metered customers.

RSL unveils massive new solar project

The newest team color for Utah’s Major League Soccer franchise is green. The owner of Real Salt Lake Thursday unveiled the state’s largest privately-owned solar array at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Solar power more affordable for some Utah students

Webert State University’s Sustainability Practices and Research Center will launch a new solar program that allows students, faculty and community members affordable access to solar energy for their homes. A typical five-panel set up, for example, might cost $2000, half of the normal expense.