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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

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Snow pack, water salinity discussed at summit

Forum highlights Utah’s water and energy interdependencies

Rural Water Association of Utah & Office of Energy Development to Host Water & Energy Nexus Forum

The drought paradigm brings change to the West

Ogden farmer’s pumpkin patch, version 2.0, uses far less water

As pumpkins in the field begin heading for front porches to become jack-o’-lanterns, a pumpkin farmer in Ogden is showing off his non-traditional way of watering his crop. His innovations have slashed his water use by two-thirds.

Water conservation chief: Retire the rainbirds, subdue the sprinklers

Utah’s water conservation chief recommends residents apply a prewinter fertilizer to their lawns and start clearing out sprinkler lines in the next few days as the state nears achieving a 25 percent reduction in per capita water use as early as 10 years before the self-imposed 2025 deadline.