USU installs two electric vehicle charging stations in faculty-staff lot

Kevin Opsahl – Herald Journal

Utah State University associate professor Claudia Radel wasn’t crazy about switching to an electric vehicle when it came time to buy a new car for the family, but then she got behind the wheel and wondered how she lived without it.

Radel is one of a small handful of campus faculty and staff regularly driving electric vehicles. With two charging stations installed on campus this past month, she hopes others in the USU community follow suit.

“By seeing these charging stations on campus, people will be more likely to consider an electric vehicle when they are getting a new car because it’s more visible in their everyday environment here on campus,” Radel explained in an interview with the paper on Tuesday after using the charging station. “It will become more ordinary to get an electric vehicle because you understand how it works and see there’s a place to park to top off your battery if you need to.”

A joint effort between the Quinney College of Natural Resources, Parking and Transportation Services and USU Facilities, the Siemens charging stations cost the university just over $4,200 and were installed Nov. 1.

The chargers came in response to at least three known USU faculty or staff members who own electric vehicles, explained James Nye, USU director of parking and transportation. (…)

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