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Utah gas tax increase urged in 2015

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Mitch Shaw – Standard Examiner

While Ogden City officials want the Legislature to fix what they call an outdated transportation funding model, a local lawmaker and a few others say that despite living in a state where raising taxes is often a hard sell, the city may get its wish.

Rep. Gage Froerer, R-Huntsville, spoke at Ogden’s city council meeting earlier this week and told the council to expect some change to the state’s fuel tax in 2015.

Froerer said a number of issues, like the recent trend of falling gas prices, more fuel efficient vehicles, aging road infrastructure and an increased cost in building and maintaining roads, are making the state’s gas tax structure less and less effective each year.

”What we’re seeing, with the high efficiency vehicles, is more miles driven with less revenue being generated by the gas tax,“he said. ”So, like it or not, this year I would look for some type of modification to the gas tax and maybe some type of modification to how transportation funds are allocated.” (…)

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