Utah Geothermal Energy Bubbles Up in Arizona

Phoenicians, your air conditioners will now run partly on geothermal energy from Utah.

Some 350 miles to the north of the Valley of the Sun, Enel Green Power’s Cove Fort geothermal power plant has begun operations. The 25-megawatt binary cycle plant is expected to produce about 160 gigawatt-hours of energy per year, which will go to the Salt River Project – a public utility serving parts of central Arizona, including much of Phoenix – under a 20-year agreement.

Geothermal resources  are classified as low, medium or high enthalpy, a measure of the heat content in the fluids. Cove Fort is medium enthalpy, Enel said, and as is now common for such resources, it uses binary cycle technology to turn that heat into electricity. What that means is that unlike dry steam and flash steam systems, the water or steam from the geothermal reservoir never comes in contact with the turbine/generator units. (…)

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