Utah National Guard saving millions with solar energy

Jed Boal – Deseret News

The power of the sun is turning into savings for the Utah National Guard and Utah’s taxpayers.

At the south end of Camp Williams, nearly 4,000 solar panels are generating about a quarter of the facility’s energy needs.

“We believe in being good stewards of all of our resources,” said Brig. Gen. Dallen Atack, assistant adjutant general with the Utah National Guard. “This is an opportunity for us to become more green.”

The panels fulfill approximately 23 percent of Camp Williams’ power requirements with clean, more affordable solar energy and cutting electricity costs while offsetting carbon emission along the Wasatch Front.

“We are very proud of this, and all of our green energy projects,” Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Jeff Burton said in a prepared statement. “We seek to be good stewards of our precious resources and will continue as an organization to seek innovative ways to conserve and reduce our footprint.”

The panels should generate between 1.8 million and 2 million kWh annually. That’s enough to power 160 average homes for a year. (…)

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