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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Utah Solar Jobs on the Rise, While Oil & Gas Jobs Decline

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Andrea Smardon – KUER

Utah is ranked fourth on a list of the top 10 states seeing job growth in clean energy, thanks to a boom in the solar industry. This growth comes as Utah’s oil and gas jobs are declining.

The national non-partisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs recognized Utah for creating 800 new clean energy jobs in the 2nd quarter of 2015. Some major solar projects announced in Iron and Beaver counties put Utah on the list.  Jeff Barrett is Deputy Director at the Governor’s Office of Energy Development. Driven by a decline of prices in photovoltaic systems, he says Utah will more than triple its renewable energy output by 2016.

“A lot of solar is going to be built in southern Utah, thousands of megawatts, and this is just the first wave,” Barrett says.

In the meantime, since January this year, Utah has lost about the same number of jobs in the oil and gas industry as it’s gained in the clean energy sector. The Uintah Basin lost more than 1000 jobs in the past year, but Barrett says the fossil fuel bust is unrelated to the solar boom. (…)

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