The Governor’s Office of Energy Development (OED) is dedicated to the facilitation of Utah’s diverse energy and minerals sector.

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Mission Statement

OED is committed to advancing Utah’s energy & minerals economies for the provision of affordable, reliable, and sustainable outcomes that provide significant and lasting value to the state.

By creating my Office of Energy Development, I set Utah on a course to become an unparalleled leader for providing affordable, reliable and clean energy through wise policy, responsible development and innovation.



Learn more about OED’s team of highly skilled experts who are committed to working across stakeholders to deliver results for Utah’s thriving economy and high quality of life.

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Energy & Mineral Resources

Located in the heart of the Western Energy Corridor, Utah is home to a vast array of energy and minerals. Explore this map of current installations.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and conservation solutions continue to play an integral role in meeting the demands of the state’s thriving economy and growing population.

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Energy Emergency & Resilience Initiatives

In today’s energy markets, more vulnerabilities exist now than ever before. Learn more about OED’s role in emergency planning and what you can do to be prepared.

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Alternative Transportation

Rapid advancements in transit technologies are paving the way for improved vehicles of all types, as well as new infrastructure in fueling connections across the West.

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