Rapid advancements in transit technologies are paving the way for improved vehicles of all types, as well as new infrastructure and fueling connections across the West.

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Improving public understanding and awareness of transportation options is a key component of diversifying and growing Utah’s energy systems, maintaining a high standard of living, increasing efficient and low-cost transportation options and improving air quality.

Utah offers a robust scene of transportation options, including vehicles of various fuel types, as well as other public modes of transportation such as Frontrunner, TRAX, ride share programs, biking, scooters and walkability initiatives.

OED is sparking new partnerships and opportunities to advance alternative transportation in the following areas:

Regional Electric Vehicle Plan for the West (REV West)

This collaborative agreement between Utah and seven other Western states identifies several key objectives for ensuring the development of an electric vehicle (EV) charging network is planned and constructed in a strategic manner.

State EV Implementation Plan

Released in Fall 2018, this plan provides guidance on how the state hopes to build out EV charging infrastructure for both public and private use. The report details three phases of the project, and how overtime, EV charger locations will spread across the state to reach popular tourist destinations such as our national parks, federal lands, and state parks.

Advancing Tier 3 Fuels

OED is committed to supporting air quality along Wasatch Front and Uintah Basin, including providing an economic option for refinery investment in cleaner Tier 3 fuels. Tier 3 fuels reduce sulfur content, enabling a car’s catalytic converter to run better and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions on all vehicles. On vehicles with newer emissions reduction equipment, the emissions reduction is up to 81 percent.

Tier 3 Fuel

Andeavor to Advance Utah’s Air Quality

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Supporting Alternative Fuels

In an effort to reduce tailpipe emissions in Utah, diversifying fleet vehicles provides a solution. Having multiple fuel types comprising a vehicle fleet adds a resilience component providing backup transportation in the event that one fuel may be disrupted. OED partners with Utah Clean Cities Coalition in leading on this effort.


More information about green fleets can be found on their website

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Vehicle Incentives

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Alternative Fueling Station Locator

Access to OED has enabled Fleet Operations to plan strategically for the future of alternative fuels and transportation.

Jeff Mottishaw, Division Director, Division of Fleet Operations
Department of Administrative Services