Energy Emergency & Resilience Initiatives

Operating a resilient energy system is vital to maintaining the quality of life we have today.

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Reliable Emergency Support

Providing safe and reliable energy is no easy task for utilities and we rely heavily on them to keep the lights on and the pipelines flowing.

In today’s energy markets, more vulnerabilities exist now than ever before. Physical threats, natural disasters, cyber attacks, and other disruptions are all concerns for the nation’s critical energy infrastructure. This has caused a rise of emergency planning among states to be prepared for any event that the energy systems may be faced with.

OED's Role

OED plays a key role in Utah’s energy emergency planning. OED’s executive director is a lead representative for informing the Governor of energy-related emergencies.

In Utah, the largest threat to critical energy infrastructure is an earthquake of higher magnitude. The planning efforts overseen by the State and OED include identifying response protocols for coordinating and communicating when a state of emergency is issued.


State Energy Emergency Plans

The State of Utah Department of Public Safety maintains state emergency plans for handling disasters and significant events. There are energy emergency plans in place to further address energy specific issues that may arise in a critical situation. OED provides support on these emergency planning efforts to understand how the state government can assist the needs of disruptions in the energy sector.

Training Exercises

In order to provide additional training opportunities for those in the public and private sector, OED will be holding an energy emergency training exercise in Spring of 2019. The exercise will aim to provide a better understanding of communication protocols and allow participants to become more aware of roles and responsibilities of state agencies and private organizations.

Preparedness Outreach

Many times in disasters, members of the public find themselves unprepared for the event. OED plans to start a podcast series to make the public more aware of how they can be better prepared for energy related disruptions.

Utah Current Conditions Map

Visit Utah Departmemnt of Public Safety

Additional Resources

Rocky Mountain Power
Dominion Energy
Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems

If your utility is not listed above, inquire further with your local power provider for more information about their safety procedures.

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