A strategic energy approach for Utah

Utah champions forward-looking energy policy to provide economic opportunities and set the next generation up for success. 

This energy policy is guided by Gov. Cox's wise approach to energy that focuses on technology, infrastructure and workforce development. That approach allows the state to develop a dynamic and thriving energy economy — one that supports Utah’s economic and energy goals.

As an independent, technical office, the work we do is vital in navigating a rapidly-changing energy landscape and positions the state as a national and international leader in energy and minerals development.

Key Results

  • Governor Cox's Energy Vision

    Realizing Gov. Cox's vision of providing affordable, reliable and cleaner energy sources to Utah's residents and businesses

  • State Energy Policy

    Efficiently implementing the State Energy Policy (79-6-301)

  • Utah's Energy Action Plan

    Revisit the ten specific goals of Utah's Energy Action Plan that are focused on creating high-quality jobs, encouraging private-sector investment and fostering smart growth