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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

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Dr. Laura Nelson

Governor's Energy Adviser
(801) 538-8732
Email Dr. Laura Nelson

P.O. Box 144845
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Phone: 801-538-8732
Fax: 855-271-4373

Executive Staff

Dr. Laura Nelson

Executive Director
(801) 538-8732
Email Dr. Laura

Rob Simmons

Deputy Director
(801) 538-8658
Email Rob

Trena Sligting

Executive Assistant
(801) 538-8732
Email Trena

Communications, Finance, and Data

Meghan Stettler

Director of Public Affairs & Communications
Email Meghan

Michele Pasker

Finance Manager
(801) 538-8727
Email Michele

Richard Bell

Energy Policy Analyst
(801) 538-8682
Email Richard

Brooke Tucker

Senior Project Manager
Email Brooke

Energy Development

Kevin Brooks

Education & Energy Program Specialist
Email Kevin

Jordan Clark

Managing Director of Energy & Minerals Development
(801) 538-8653
Email Jordan

Shawna Cuan

Managing Director of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
(385) 235-4580
Email Shawna

Alair Emory

Advanced Energy Systems Manager
Email Alair

Bergen Eskildsen

Rural Program Specialist
Email Bergen

Alicia Ryans

Energy and Infrastructure Incentives Specialist
Email Alicia

Annie Schneider

Emergency Management and Transportation Programs Specialist
Email Annie