Utah's Diverse Workforce

Energy and minerals play an essential role in Utah's successful formula, contributing $20 billion to the economy and roughly 76,000 high paying jobs across all resources.

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Being in the petroleum business in Utah, OED has been a sounding board and a resource to educate our company on all aspects of energy in Utah.

Crystal Maggelet, Chairman & CEO
FJ Management

Rural Job Creation


In his 2017 State of the State address, Gov. Gary R. Herbert challenged Utah businesses to build 25,000 jobs throughout rural Utah in the next four years. This initiative brings partners from all corners of the state to engage with rural communities and explore new opportunities.

Advancing energy and minerals development will play a big part in achieving this goal, including increasing the number of high-paying energy jobs in rural Utah. The Governor’s Office of Energy Development has set a goal of generating 8,000 jobs through wise policy, development and innovation across the state’s vast resources.

OED is dedicated to powering the workforce of tomorrow by advancing energy and mineral related STEM education across K-12, technical colleges and universities. For more information, visit our Workforce Development Page

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OED benefits the Governor’s office and the state by taking progressive steps to foster entrepreneurship and create jobs – especially in rural counties.

Rick Little, Director, Management Information Center
Utah Department of Human Services