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C-PACE and Mortgage Holders

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We are currently revising our C-PACE program due to recent legislative changes.  We will post updated content shortly.  The new SB 273 C-PACE legislation can be viewed on the Utah Legislature’s website.


Overview of C-PACE for Mortgage Holders

Mortgage holders can learn more about C-PACE program and the benefits of lender consent by:

Utah state law requires building owners to obtain written consent to the C-PACE assessment from any person or institution holding a lien on the property.  To qualify for financing through the statewide Utah C-PACE program, building owners must complete the Lender Consent form and submit it to OED at There are two primary benefits associated with lender consent:

BENEFIT 1: Value of Collateral Increases

A quality C-PACE project will include project financials that demonstrate the value of the project and expected return on investment. To help building owners, contractors, and project developers capture this information, Sustainable Real Estate Solutions developed an example of the kind of information an existing lien holder will want to see.

BENEFIT 2: Property Owner’s Improve Their Ability to Make Lien Payments

Due to the benefits of C-PACE, over 100 financial institutions nationwide have consented to PACE assessments.  Here is a list of consenting lenders across the nation and some additional resources that demonstrate the benefits of lender consent:

Other Stakeholder Resources

Here are all the applications, documents, information, and resources you need if you are a:

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Building Owner

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  • In the event of a default, does that trigger acceleration of payment on the bond or does it stay a stream of payment?  Default should not trigger acceleration of payment because it is treated like a property tax, not a conventional loan.
  • Can you pay off a C-PACE loan early? There is no statutory guidelines on paying off a C-PACE loan early, it ultimately depends on the terms of the agreement between the capital provider and the building owner.
  • Are non-profits eligible for C-PACE financing? Non-profits can receive C-PACE if they opt to have a special assessment placed on their property.
  • Can audits, design, transaction fees, and other soft costs to be rolled into a C-PACE lien? Yes, all costs may be rolled into the C-PACE obligation, so no money is required up front.

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