Meeting the needs of a thriving economy and expanding population

Increased urbanization and significant air quality challenges, mean that smart, efficient energy solutions are more important than ever.

By streamlining energy efficiency measures in new construction and implementing those measures in existing homes and buildings, we can improve quality of life through reduced emissions, better air quality and more affordable and reliable energy.

Electric Utility Programs

Through its Wattsmart program, Rocky Mountain Power provides cash incentives and discounts for energy upgrades. Services and incentives are available for homes and businesses.

Non-Rocky Mountain Power customers should contact their local electric provider for energy efficiency programs and incentives.

Gas Utility Programs

Through its ThermWise program, Dominion Energy promotes the use of energy-efficient appliances and practices to reduce natural gas usage. Programs and incentives are available for homes and businesses.

Non-Dominion Energy customers should contact their local gas provider for energy efficiency programs and incentives.

Additional Programs and Solutions

Building Talks: Utah’s Energy Code Training Program

In partnership with Dominion Energy and Rocky Mountain Power, we provide energy code education to builders, code officials and trades workers.

Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center

We partner with the Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center to provide no-cost energy consulting services to manufacturers in the Intermountain region — helping identify between 10 and 20 percent energy and productivity savings.

Voluntary Home Energy Information Pilot Program

In the March 2020 Legislative Session, Utah passed H.B. 235 — Voluntary Home Energy Information Pilot Program.

This legislation directs OED to design a pilot program that encourages energy efficiency in residential homes through education and a comprehensive, transparent and understandable home energy scorecard that evaluates and compares a home’s energy performance to other similar homes.

As part of this bill, we are creating the Home Energy Information Advisory Committee that will help develop rules and a scoring system for the pilot program.

Energy Efficiency for You

Increasing energy efficiency is one of the simplest ways to reduce waste and save money.

Here are resources to help you get started.

  • Energy Saver Guide
  • Building America Solution Center
  • Renter's Energy Efficiency Guide
  • Guía de Eficiencia Energética para inquilinos (Renter's Energy Efficiency Guide in Spanish)

  • DIY Energy Efficiency Tips for Homes

    Energy Efficiency Appliances and Programs