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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Federal grant awarded to Salt Lake City company to capture sun’s energy

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Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — The ability to unlock the secrets of electrochemistry is unleashing a new stage in renewable energy innovation, something a top U.S. Department of Energy official said he witnessed on many fronts during a tour of a Salt Lake company.

Dr. Lynn Orr, undersecretary for science and energy at the federal agency, visited multiple labs Tuesday at the headquarters of Ceramatec, which was awarded a Department of Energy grant of $2.4 million to bring one project to demonstration phase in a three-year period.

“It’s a great talent to take fundamental scientific knowledge and turn it into something we care about,” Orr said, adding that the labs at Ceramatec were rife with renewable energy projects full of innovation.

“Our part is to get a lot of these ideas into the pipeline and feed the ones with real potential to grow,” Orr said.

Ceramatec, a technology spinoff from the University of Utah that incorporated in 1976, is developing an engine with no moving parts for concentrating solar power systems.

These technologies use mirrors to reflect concentrated sunlight onto receivers that in turn collect the energy and convert it into heat. The heat then produces electricity via a turbine or energy.(…)

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