Matter Heat and Insulation

SEEd 6.2.4 Design an object, tool, or process that minimizes or maximizes heat energy transfer. Identify criteria and constraints, develop a prototype for iterative testing, analyze data from testing, and propose modifications for optimizing the design solution. Emphasize demonstrating how the structure of differing materials allows them to function as either conductors or insulators. (PS3.A, PS3.B, ETS1.A, ETS1.B, ETS1.C)


Lesson Performance Expectations

Students will use the engineering process to develop an insulated container to minimize the loss of heat energy.


Natural Gas: How this Energy Source was Formed

SEEd 6.2.2 Develop a model to predict the effect of heat energy on states of matter and density. Emphasize the arrangement of particles in states of matter (solid, liquid, or gas) and during phase changes (melting, freezing, condensing, and evaporating). (PS1.A, PS3.A)


Lesson Performance Expectations

Students will identify different states of matter, make a model of the effect of heat energy on particles and connect Utah’s natural resources to Utah’s daily life and industry.