Alternative Energy Development Incentive (AEDI)

Alternative Energy Development Incentive

The Alternative Energy Development Incentive (AEDI) is a fixed post-performance credit of 75 percent of new eligible state revenues for 20 years, for qualifying projects that produce at least two megawatts of electricity or 1000 barrels of oil equivalent from qualifying hydroelectric, solar, biomass, geothermal, wind, nuclear or certain unconventional resources.

AEDI Application

To qualify for AEDI, the project must generate new state revenue and new incremental jobs, and it must involve significant capital investment or the creation of high-paying jobs.

Entities seeking consideration of their projects must schedule a pre-application meeting with the Utah Office of Energy Development (OED). To schedule a pre-application meeting, contact Chris Reisinger, OED incentives manager, at (801) 538-8682.

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Application FEe

Beginning on August 15, 2018, in accordance with Utah Code 63M-4-401, the Governor’s Office of Energy Development will begin charging a $150 fee per application submitted. Fees must be paid by credit card.