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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Grahams Penstemon: Michael Vanden Berg, Utah Geological Survey

Conflicts inevitably arise between industry, conservation groups, and state and local leaders about how and where energy development should occur, and what resources should be protected for their environmental and cultural values. While this tension in interests is unavoidable, Utahns have repeatedly demonstrated that more good work gets accomplished when the conversation remains civil and constructive. Recently Utah has seen partnerships, compromise, and true progress on contentious issues such as air quality, viewshed preservation, and endangered species. Such collaboration will be central to advancing responsible development in the State.

Protecting these special places, and ensuring that our lands remain accessible for the mutual benefit of all, will continue to be among my chief priorities"
- Rep. Rob Bishop

Initiatives & Boards

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The Governor’s Energy Advisor

Cody“Hello, my name is Cody Stewart, and Governor Gary R. Herbert appointed me to be his Energy Advisor in the summer of 2012.  My role as the Energy Advisor is to do everything in my power to implement the state’s energy policy in conjunction with Governor Herbert’s priorities and vision, and my partners in the Office of Energy Development are critical to my success. As I work with OED on various policy initiatives, the team’s expertise in everything from oil and gas development to agricultural energy efficiency is just remarkable. So I’d like to thank the team for all its support, and to encourage you to reach out to them with questions, concerns, or ideas about how best to advance responsible energy development here in Utah.”


Policy Initiatives

HuntingtonEnergy development is an economic sector in which deep wells are drilled, deep shales are fractured, fossilized carbon is crushed and burned, steel towers are marched across counties and states, and countless technologies are deployed in buildings or across the landscape.  Given the dynamics of this broadly defined industry, it should come as no surprise that in order to advance energy development in the state, the OED must engage in a variety of policy areas including: environmental regulation; appropriate utilization of public lands; the cultivation of behaviors and deployment of technologies that advance clean air; the development of infrastructure required to bolster resource development, etc.  Please click here to learn more about OED’s various policy initiatives.


DSC_1513The 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan calls for heightened coordination among stakeholders and across various levels of government in order to facilitate the responsible development of Utah’s diverse energy resources.  In order to meet this goal, OED is involved in a variety of boards and committees, sitting on certain boards, and providing staff support to others.  By staying engaged in these forums, OED ensures that it will have the information that is essential to carrying out its various statutory roles.  Click here to learn more about OED’s involvement in various boards.