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Throughout Governor Herbert's Administration, Utah has championed forward-looking energy policy.

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All-of-the-Above Approach

Throughout Governor Herbert's Administration, Utah has championed forward-looking energy policy that provides proximate economic opportunities and sets up the next generation for success. OED was established to implement the State Energy Policy, navigate a rapidly changing energy landscape, and inform wise, innovative and durable energy policy solutions. Governor Herbert’s thoughtful ‘all of the above’ energy policy focuses on efficient markets, technology, infrastructure and unprecedented partnerships to develop a dynamic and resilient energy economy that supports the state’s economic and environmental goals.

Extensive credit is due this great state agency for Utah's robust and credible all-of-the-above energy policy that has made our state a recognized leader in the United States and Canada.

— Steve Handy, Representative

Message from the Governor's Energy Advisor

Created as an independent office, vital to navigating the rapidly changing energy landscape, OED has become a national standard for delivering high value results to a state’s economy and its residents.

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State Energy Policy

The Governor’s Office of Energy Development efficiently implements the State Energy Policy (63M-4) to develop a dynamic and resilient energy economy.

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Utah Action Plan & Success

Utah's Energy Action Plan to 2020 accelerates OED's ongoing work of implementing the Governor’s 10-year Strategic Energy Plan and State Energy Policy, targeting 10 key areas for advancement.

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From advancing air quality to promoting innovation and consumer options. Learn more about OED’s eight key policy initiatives that continue to fuel Utah’s success in an ever-changing energy landscape.

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Policy Team

  • Rob Simmons

    Deputy Director


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  • Brooke Tucker

    Managing Director of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


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  • Richard Bell

    Energy Policy Analyst


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OED and its leadership are an asset to anyone who is interested in good energy policy for Utah.

— Thad LeVar, Chair
Public Service Commission of Utah

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