State Energy Policy

It is the policy of the state that Utah shall have adequate, reliable, affordable, sustainable, and clean energy resources.

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The Governor's Office of Energy Development (OED) was formed through the leadership of Governor Herbert and the legislature through a process informed by a broad spectrum of constituents, including local officials, technical experts and industry leaders. Since its inception, OED has successfully advanced Utah's energy economy, delivering diverse and significant value to Utah.

OED is an independent, technical office, which is vital to navigating a rapidly changing energy landscape. As public servants, OED is committed to advancing state and individual decision making in energy choices, supporting strategic infrastructure and innovation, and providing exceptional value to Utah's citizens.

OED is advancing Utah's energy and minerals economy, positioning Utah as a national and international leader in energy and mineral development through:

  • Efficiently implementing the State Energy Policy (63M-4)
  • Realizing Governor Herbert's vision of providing affordable, reliable and cleaner energy sources to Utah's residents and businesses
  • Achieving the 10 specific goals of Utah's Energy Action Plan Through 2020 that are focused on creating high-quality jobs, encouraging private-sector investment, and fostering smart growth

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