Market based tax incentives drive new investment that diversifies, enhances and expands our energy and minerals portfolio, providing robust outcomes for Utah’s economy.

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Solar PV Tax Credit
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Fostering Smart Growth

The Governor’s Office of Energy Development administers a variety of post-performance tax credits and funding opportunities to encourage private-sector investment, create high-quality jobs, and foster smart growth.


Utah offers a suite of tax credits for commercial projects that span significant infrastructure projects, as well as renewable energy, oil & gas, and alternative energy installations.

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Solar incentives include the Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit for residential and commercial rooftop solar and the Nonrefundable Tax Credit for Qualifying Solar Programs for municipal solar program subscribers.

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Residential tax credits span rooftop solar, as well as installations utilizing solar thermal, wind, geothermal, hydro, and biomass technologies.

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Energy Efficiency Financing

Public and private building financing and loans, as well as incentives offered by Utah’s utilities.

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