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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Tax Incentives

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Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit

The Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit can be applied to both residential and commercial installations utilizing solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, geothermal, hydro, and biomass technologies.

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Alternative Energy Development Incentive (AEDI)

The Alternative Energy Development Incentive (AEDI) is a post-performance credit for the construction of electricity generation facilities of 2 megawatts or greater that utilize hydroelectric, solar, biomass, geothermal, wind, and waste-heat. It also includes energy derived from nuclear fuel, oil-impregnated diatomaceous earth, oil sands, oil shale, or petroleum coke.

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High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit (HCITC)

The High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit (HCITC) is an incentive that supports investments in qualifying cost-intensive infrastructure projects, such as energy delivery systems, water delivery systems, road improvement and railroads.

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Other State Agencies’ Incentives

Listing of tax incentives available at the following:

-Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED)
-Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
-Department of Workforce Services (DWS)
-Utah Tax Commission (UTC)

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Federal Incentives

Listing of Federal Incentives under the following categories:

-EDIT Corporate Deductions, Exemption, Depreciation
-Corporate Tax Credits
-Federal Grant and Loan Programs
-Personal Tax Credits and Exemptions

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