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Advancing Utah's Energy Future

Utah’s Statewide C-PACE Program

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We are currently revising our C-PACE program due to recent legislative changes.  We will post updated content shortly.  The new SB 273 C-PACE legislation can be viewed on the Utah Legislature’s website.


What is C-PACE?

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is a low-cost, long-term financing option for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation projects on commercial buildings.  Want to learn more?

*Please note, Utah’s C-PACE program has extended the maximum repayment period from 20 years to 30 years.

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What are the benefits of C-PACE?

  • 100 percent upfront financing with no money down
  • Financing can be repaid directly or as a property tax assessment for up to 30 years
  • Assessments transfer with the sale of your property
  • Fixed interest rates over the term of the loan
  • Energy upgrades help you save on utility bills
  • Your utility bill savings can exceed your annual payments, reducing operating costs from day one
  • Energy upgrades increase your property value
  • Energy upgrades save energy and water
  • Property upgrades grow the local economy and create jobs
  • Property upgrades better protect you from changing water and energy rates

 What properties and projects are eligible for C-PACE financing?

Eligible properties1
· Commercial properties
· Mining properties
· Industrial properties
· Manufacturing properties
· Residential properties with more than 4 rental units
· Trade properties
· Professional properties
· Private/public clubs
· Agriculture properties
· Lodges
· Business properties
· Non-profit owned commercial properties
Eligible applicants
· Private companies
· Private company must have the support of a city or county, contractor, and lender
· Private company must have written consent of property lien holders
· No delinquent taxes, special assessments, water or sewer charges against the property
· No recorded notice of default, foreclosure, or delinquency on any lien against the property
Example projects that quality for C-PACE
· Solar power (photovoltaic systems)
· Upgrades to more efficient lighting systems, rooftop designs, HVAC systems and equipment, appliances, doors and windows
· Insulation and weather sealing
· Combined heat and power systems
· High-efficiency toilets, faucets, and showerheads
· Drip irrigation systems
· Rainwater catchment or gray water systems
· Drought-tolerant landscaping
· Electric vehicle infrastructure
What is not eligible
· Public buildings
· Residential properties with 4 or less rental units
· Properties with delinquent taxes, special assessments, water or sewer charges
· Properties under default or foreclosure
· Properties that have any lien delinquencies

1C-PACE is not available for homes.  However, Rocky Mountain Power and Questar Gas offer incentive programs to help offset the cost of energy efficiency improvements. We also encourage building owners, contractors, and project developers State Incentives, Federal Incentives, and other incentive programs along with C-PACE.

What is the C-PACE process?

The following diagram provides a high-level overview of the C-PACE process.2 C-PACE legislation enables all municipalities in Utah to complete C-PACE projects. But to ensure a streamlined and standardized process across the state, OED administers a statewide C-PACE program where it offers technical assistance and additional benefits to municipalities that sign the Municipal Agreement. If you are a municipality that would like to learn more about this agreement, please visit our municipality website.

C-PACE proces graphic


A detailed flowchart of the C-PACE process can be found here. If you would like more information on the C-PACE process, please refer to the Program Guidelines.

2C-PACE does not require an energy or water audit but OED strongly recommends that all building owners applying for C-PACE financing conduct an ASHRAE Level II Audit (or the equivalent), a water audit, or a feasibility study for all renewable projects. Individual lenders may require a specified audit as part of their underwriting criteria.

Resources and Applications

Here are all the applications, documents, information, and resources you need if you are a:

Ground shot of building 125x125

Building Owner

Contractor 125x125


Mortgage Loan Agreement 125x125

Mortgage Holder

Utah State capitol 125x125



C-PACE News and Projects

PACENation Report: Utah’s new statewide C-PACE program was recently featured in PACENation’s report.  The article describes how Hunt Electric used C-PACE financing to complete solar and smart grid upgrades on its headquarters in West Valley City.  Click here to read more about Utah’s program on pages 2, 3 and 5.



Rocky Mountain Power Newsletter: Utah’s statewide C-PACE program was featured in Rocky Mountain Power’s newsletter. The article explains the benefits of financing energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicle infrastructure, and water conservation upgrades through the Utah C-PACE program.



Hunt Electric Solar Project: Completed on October 13, 2015, Hunt Electric installed a 72 module 23 kilowatt solar canopy, micro grid, and electric vehicle charging station in their West Valley City headquarters. The West Valley City Council approved the project for $100,500. The project was made possible through a partnership between OED, Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR), West Valley City, Hunt Electric, Celtic Bank, Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham, Ballard Spahr, and Utah Clean Energy. For more information, here is the Hunt Electric case study and video.


Utah Clean Energy Program Guide 100x100Utah Clean Energy Model Program Guide: C-PACE was authorized in 2013 under Senate Bill 221 (S.B. 221) to allow cities and counties to finance energy and water efficiency upgrades as part of a property tax assessment. In 2014, Utah Clean Energy led the 75-member stakeholder Advisory Committee to create the model program for Utah’s statewide C-PACE program.



CPACE Programs Nationwide 100x100C-PACE Growth: C-PACE is offered in 31 states around the country and Washington, D.C. PACEnation is a national organization that supports PACE programs nationwide. Additional information can be found on their website.



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