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Our History

In his 2010 State of the State address, Governor Gary R. Herbert announced his intent to create a strategic energy plan that combined Utah’s rich abundance of diverse natural resources with its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit—to ensure that Utah was at the forefront of solving the world’s energy challenges.

Through an appointed task force, Gov. Herbert unveiled Utah’s 10 Year Strategic Energy Plan in 2011, which called for the creation of the Governor’s Energy Development Office (OED) and Advisory Committee to oversee the implementation of the plan.

OED is committed to advancing Utah’s energy & minerals economies for the provision of affordable, reliable, and sustainable outcomes that provide significant and lasting value to the state.

OED’s leadership empowers its staff to be effective, creative problem solvers.

Brad Schaefer, Government & Public Affairs Manager
Marathon Petroleum Company

OED Team

  • Dr. Laura Nelson

    Executive Director


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  • Rob Simmons

    Deputy Director


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  • Trena Slighting

    Executive Assistant


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  • Michele Pasker

    Finance Manager

    (801) 538-8727

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  • Meghan Stettler

    Director of Public Affairs & Communications


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  • Jordan Clark

    Managing Director of Energy
    & Minerals Development


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  • Brooke Tucker

    Managing Director of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    (801) 538-8724

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  • Alair Emory

    Advanced Energy Systems Manager


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  • Richard Bell

    Energy Policy Analyst


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  • Alicia Ryans

    Energy and Infrastructure Incentives Specialist


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  • Kevin Brooks

    Education & Energy Program Specialist


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  • Annie Schneider

    Emergency Management and Alternative Transportation Specialist


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  • Guille L. Pelaez

    Program Assistant


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  • Bergen Eskildsen

    Rural Development Specialist


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