Governor's Office of Energy Development

Crossroads for Energy & Minerals Development, Policy and Innovation

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What We Do

As one of the youngest, fastest growing and best states for business in the U.S., energy and minerals play an essential role in Utah's successful formula, contributing $20 billion to the economy and roughly 50,000 high paying jobs.

Created in 2011 as an independent, technical office, vital to navigating the rapidly changing energy landscape, the Governor's Office of Energy Development has grown to become a national standard for successfully delivering high value results to a state's economy and its residents through the provision of affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

Policy Solutions

Gov. Herbert's administration champions forward-looking energy policy by advancing state and individual energy choices, supporting strategic infrastructure and innovation, and providing exceptional value to Utah's citizens.

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More About Us

Tax Credits & Financing

Tax credits and financing options, in collaboration with strategic public-private partnerships, continue to drive wise investment, create jobs and bolster Utah's vibrant economy.

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Business Development

Utah continues to achieve unparalleled results for its energy and minerals economy through its ability to work across stakeholders to identify new opportunities and solutions.

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Workforce Development

With the youngest, fastest growing population in America, Utah is building its energy and minerals workforce of the future, with a goal of generating 8,000 jobs by 2020.

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Project Successes

OED is forging new strategic partnerships to advance Utah's economy and environment.

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