production tax credit (PTC)

what outcomes can be fostered with this incentive?

The Production Tax Credit (PTC) is available for large scale solar PV, wind, biomass and geothermal electricity generating renewable energy projects over 660 kilowatts nameplate capacity system size. The PTC is calculated as $.0035 (.35¢) per kilowatt hour of electricity produced during the project's first 48 months of operation after the Commercial Operation Date.

Solar PV projects, and only solar PV projects, have the option to choose between the Commercial RESTC (10 percent up to $50,000) or the PTC (.35¢ per kWh for 48 months) if the nameplate capacity system size falls between 660 kW and 2 MW.

Solar PV projects over 2 MW are only eligible for the PTC (.35¢ per kWh for 48 months).


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