Building Utah’s Future Energy Workforce

A skilled labor force is essential for a better energy future in Utah.

Our education initiative encourages and supports students in their pursuit of energy-related studies and careers through the support of K-12 STEM curriculum, higher education scholarships, education programs and education events.

“OED’s Energy and Minerals Education Initiative plays a key role in ensuring Utah reaches its full economic potential by providing a highly-skilled labor force through its K-12 curriculum, scholarships and engagement with our world-class research universities.”

Spencer Cox, Governor


Access more than 30 state-standard energy and minerals lesson plans, including hands-on activities, videos and vocabulary sheets.

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For high school seniors or first year college students who are pursuing STEM education at a Utah institution of higher learning.

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We're involved with a variety of events that focus on advancing STEM education among K-12 and university-level students.

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Our Initiatives

  • Energy curriculum and professional development for science teachers

    In partnership with the Utah Science Teachers Association

  • Governor’s Energy Educator Award

    In partnership with the Utah Science Teachers Association

  • STEM scholarships

    In partnership with Chevron

  • Energy & Minerals Pavilion at STEM Fest

    In partnership with the STEM Action Center

  • Utah Energy & Power Career Expo

    In partnership with the University of Utah

  • Youth Leadership Conference

    In partnership with the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs